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  • Designed to survive the toughest environments, APEX Carbon Core utilizes advanced high temperature materials oriented in a unique way to provide unchallenged performance


  • Utilizing an open weave carbon fabric creates natural cell to cell venting. No secondary perforation or slitting is needed


  • The carbon fiber enables drastically increased stiffness resulting in minimal deflection in the finished structure.


  • APEX core resists water and corrosion in a way that Aramid and aluminum cores cannot.


  • The near zero CTE makes APEX core perfect for precision structures subjected to a wide temperature range.




Apex Carbon Core

  • ITAR Controlled

    This product is ITAR controlled and can not be exported. 

  • Shipping

    **NOTICE** If ordereing APEX 96 x 48, please contact us directly for shipping quote. 

  • Terms and Conditions

    By purchasing this product you agree to abide by ACMM's Terms and Conditions 

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